Pregnancy: How You Truly Feel At 30 Weeks


Right now I’m writing while I make dinner for our family, hoping the tortilla won’t burn on the stove top before I finish this sentence. But I have to take advantage of those moments when I’m just completely filled with inspiration, usually when I’m feeling, remembering, experiencing or imagining something.

Today I’m exactly 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant, experiencing back pain, a shirt that won’t completely cover my belly and a bra – that was purchased with the intention of keeping me comfy throughout the day, but it just doesn’t. None of them do. By the way.

This week my PREGNANCY jeans decided not to fit me anymore and I refuse to get new ones (for now, because I might have no choice) since I only have 2 more months to go. I feel completely uncomfortable right now and short of breath. I have to take a huge breath probably in between every sentence as I speak…

By this time, you must be thinking – if you don’t have kids – how miserable I must feel and how you never wanna have them. If you have kids, on the other hand, you’re also thinking how miserable I must feel, but what you must also be thinking is how great my excitement and anxiety (in a positive way, if that’s a thing) are to meet this sweet little boy I carry in this huge belly of mine.

In the middle of all this discomfort I’m also filled with this overwhelming joy and gratitude for this bundle of joy that is about to be born. First, because I know that motherhood is a project of God for me. And then, also because I already have one at home and I know that feeling of holding him in my arms or looking him in the eyes for the first time!

As I was writing this, I could forget all the discomfort and be taken to this perfect-dream zone. But also, as I wrote the word discomfort, I reminded myself of it. Ugh. Now, it’s just a matter of coping with it in the best possible way until the magic moment happens.

By the way, we’re all finished with our tuna tortillas and Deivid is upstairs almost done bathing our BIG BOY before he goes night night. So I better run, get his milk warmed up, go upstairs and help him. Also, I don’t wanna miss those sweet good night hugs and kisses!

And that’s how you (well…I) feel at 30 weeks of pregnancy! Gotta go!



4 thoughts on “Pregnancy: How You Truly Feel At 30 Weeks

  1. You look beautiful and I bet no one would ever know that you are so uncomfortable. Love you, miss you and am so excited for you.


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