New play center: easy for parents, encouraging and fun for kids!

Play is the main way kids learn. It’s not only fun, but it also helps develop their creativity, confidence, positive social connections, and cognitive development.

We all know we, as parents, should be the ones to encourage our little ones to play, but it’s not always an easy task. I remember when I had to work a full time job and Sam would go to the day care. He stayed there from 8:30am to 6:30pm and both of us would go home super exhausted to play anymore than 15 minutes each day.

Therefore, at that time, coming up with new ways to play or super creative activities that would help him thrive were not in my priority list as I would already have to cook him fresh baby food for the following days of the week after he went to bed. It was just a crazy time.

As I was looking up stuff online one of these days, I found this great new play center that was developed by a teacher to inspire kids for creative play times.

It’s a cover that slips over a standard size card table and it has a really fun and colorful design that encourages pretend play!

Here’s what the play center, looks like:







So much fun!!! Right?

Their kickstarter campaign just went live this Tuesday, June 14th and if you’d like to help fund it to encourage play and to help us be creative in a simple and fun way and see what prizes they’re offering, just go here! It’s been doing great so far and it will end on July 14th!

They’re called Hideaboo Hideouts and there are 4 themes. Each of them will bring the kids to 4 totally different worlds: Submarine Hideout, Enchanted Castle Hideaboo Hideout, Outer Space Rocket Hideaboo Hideout, and Happy Camper Hideaboo Hideout.

Each of the covers also come with free teachables to download, DIY costume ideas, adventure cards, adventure journals and printable puppets (they all come with easy instructions).

You know what I also found on their website that was super cool? Sam doesn’t do this yet, but a lot of kids a little older than him love to have mom or dad help them set up a lemonade stand during summer to sell lemonade. I will find it super fun to sit down with him and do it ourselves. But as I said before, if time is not on our sides and we still wanna make it possible, they have the coolest stands your child can have to sell their treats.

lemonade stand1


They’re called Lil’ Biz Covers and they also go on top of  a standard size card table. There are 3 themes and they look so cute: Lemonade Stand with 2 available colors, Hot chocolate Stand, and Summer Sweets Shop Stand. They also come with free teachables and downloadables to make it more fun and creative!

I hope you guys enjoyed discovering these new covers as much as I did, because I know they’d help a lot when there’s not time for doing it ourselves! I’m so excited for when Sam starts to want to sell lemonade and do all of that fun stuff. Can’t even imagine. I think being the age he is (22 months) he would have a lot more fun now with the Hideaboo Hideouts.

What do you guys think of them? Let me know in the comments!

And again, if you’d like to help fund it at the same time you get an awesome prize from them, here’s where you should go!




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