DIY – Decorating Kraft Favor Boxes

I absolutely love all sorts of creative stuff and I’ll take advantage of just about every opportunity to do DIY projects! You’ll see a lot of these in here. Hopefully, I’ll still be able to do them once I have a newborn at home… We’ll see.

So, for the last couple weeks Deivid and I were participating in this really awesome 10-week-bible-study group at our church and just last week it came to an end. Not the group, because we’re still going to be getting together, but that specific bible study itself.

To celebrate it, one of our friends who is extremely thoughtful had the idea of giving each leader of the kids ministry who were taking care of them during that time, and our group leader a little something and “thank you” cards.

I loved the idea and jumped in right away offering to decorate some kraft favor boxes I had at home from my wedding party (Yup… That long ago). We happened to buy too many so I still have a bunch and I love them! I also suggested we’d pack the boxes with sweets – of course.

Here’s how they turned out:


Now, lets go to the fun part and see what we need to decorate these cute favor boxes! They don’t need to be kraft. It can be whatever color and style you like and will match with your party/purpose.


  1. Paper cutter for the name tags – I had a round one, but it can be any shape you like. Just make sure it will fit their names in the center;
  2. Colored paper, also for the name tags – I used a cream color to keep it all rustic and match up with the style of my kraft boxes;
  3. Ribbon –  I had this super thin brown ribbon I thought it’d go well with the rest of the material. Again, It can be the color of your preference and it can also be thicker depending on the size of the boxes. Mine were 2″(height) x 4″ (width) x 4″ (length).
  4. Foam adhesive circles, which my friend calls “Pop-Up stickers” (it makes a lot of sense to me). They should totally change the name!! Shouldn’t they?
  5. Favor Boxes (of course!) – size and color of your preference;
  6. Adhesive tags – larger than the actual name tags. You’ll see why!
  • First thing we do is print out all the names of who we’re giving them too! If it’s a party and you have a lot of guests and don’t want to print out hundreds of names, you can also print a general message like “Thank you for coming!” or “Hope you had fun!” or even “I loved to share this celebration with you!!”. Be creative.
  • Then, we use the paper cutter to cut them in the shape of our choice. As I said before, mine was round, but you can go above and beyond and have stars, flowers, squares. It all depends on your theme and purpose. Boldness is allowed and welcome here!


  • After getting your paper tags ready, let’s stick the adhesive tags on the center of the box lid. Mine are round and have waves, but again, it can be of any shape you like and that matches the paper tag.


  • Stick the “pop-up stickers” on the center of the adhesive tags:


  • They are double sided stickers, so the top will also glue on the paper tag, which is the next thing you’ll add, just like I show in the next photo:


You can see that it gives the tag a 3D effect popping up in your direction! I love that effect!!! Just so you can understand better, I also took another picture from the side view of the box:


See what I mean? That was super easy and now we’re almost done. The last thing will be adding whatever sweets, treats or favors you want in the box and making a pretty bow with the ribbon you’ve picked:



That was probably one of my easiest projects, but I find it really cute and I can see it serving a thousand different purposes and I can also see tons of different styles and colors of paper and ribbon to decorate these favor boxes.

I used only things I had at home and since they were for men and women of different ages I wanted to make them more neutral. But I loooove color! Can you imagine them in a bright yellow? Mint green? Orange? So many cool colors! Oh man!

Have fun decorating your next favor boxes!



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