Second baby: the wait.


As I said on “The Story Of My First Birth”, with Samuel, Deivid and I had decided we would have a complete natural birth, but God had other plans and it ended up being a c-section. As I mentioned on the post, I was not frustrated or mad because I know that His plans are far greater than mine, but I still would like to experience a natural labor. I see it as a unique experience between me, my husband – who would be actively participating as my coach as we learned in the Bradley Method classes – and our baby (Daniel).

We’ve talked about it with the doctors since day one and we let them know this was our desire. They had to check my medical records from Altamonte Springs, FL, where Samuel was born, to find out if the kind of incision I have would allow me to try for a VBAC. We waited a long time for them but once they were released and got reviewed by the doctors, they gave us the green light to try for the vaginal birth I so want.

In my last doctor appointment, which was when I had just turned 37 weeks, they said Daniel is full term and that anytime he comes is good timing. Right now I’m exactly 37.5 weeks pregnant and as I’m sitting on the couch in the basement of our house typing this up, while Deivid watches TV by my side, I’m completely filled with all kinds of emotions.

I’m filled with excitement to know that he’s almost here and I will soon get to see his handsome baby face, anxiety because I don’t know when it will be (it could be tomorrow just as much as it could be in two weeks or even go overdue). I’m filled with joy and hapiness, but the WAIT just sucks. The feeling of waiting in not easy. It requires a kind of patience that, I would say, NO ONE is able to master…

I’m just SO ready to meet him, to hug him, to have him close to me, to love him. Every day I go to bed thinking about him, I wake up thinking about him and everything I do makes me think about him and when or how I will get to meet him!

I’ve prayed many times giving it all to God. I trust in Him, in His ways and plans (that just doesn’t make me more patient than I am).

God, please bring my son in the perfect timing of yours and help me wait with a peaceful heart, help me rest in your presence.




4 thoughts on “Second baby: the wait.

  1. VBACs are very doable, I’ve had two. Trust that your body can do this. This I’d what it is designed for. Inn sure you’ve read lots already, but I really recommend Expecting Miracles by Chana Jenny Weisberg, and the Hypnobirthing book (I didn’t use hypnobirthing myself, but the book is very encouraging). Good luck

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    1. I just saw now that I had responded, but I think I had bad internet and it didn’t go through… Thank you so much for sharing this! I love to hear from people who experienced VBACs! 🙂 Thanks. God bless you!


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