The beautiful joy you bring

I’ve focused some of my past maternity posts in the discomfort of being pregnant, but in this one I would like to exclusively show its joy. I’m not even gonna say much. I will let the beautiful pictures taken by doula and photographer Esther Edith speak by themselves!

It was a beautiful day and I was really excited for these photos! I love having maternity photos taken. They will always remind us what a great experience it all was. This photo shoot was extra special, because now, not only we get to take pictures as a couple celebrating the arrival of a much loved son, but this time we got to take pictures with Sam, as a family of three, waiting for one more member who is coming to bring even more love!




Of course, there had to be one in which we run after him. Well, in truth, Deivid runs after him, because I’m kind of not running material at this point!


I can’t thank my great God enough for the man he put by my side! I wouldn’t wanna do this beautiful life with anybody else! I love you to pieces, honey!


Someone just had to pull out his snack cup full of Gold Fish and add it to the equation. I had two options: 1. let him hold the cup and smile for the pictures or 2. take them away and watch him cry and not participate from anymore pictures. So I chose to go with the flow and let him do it! Lol


Daniel, this is a love that can not be explained. Moms can try to express it in every possible way. It will just never be enough to actually show its deepness.


We celebrated you even before you were in my womb. We celebrated you even when you were just in our dreams and we continue to celebrate you everyday!


The stretch marks are not the most beautiful thing in the world. In fact, they are not beautiful at all. They may even have been responsible for some tears of a mom who’s seeing her body changing in a way that might not be the most wanted. But they are a mark I carry with proudness for knowing what they bring to our lives. I wouldn’t trade them and the joy they bring along, you, for any other perfect belly and the lack of you!


I think even Sam, who probably doesn’t understand 100% who Dan is, even though he says your name many times during the day, loves you more than he can imagine. We all do and we wait for you with great excitement and joy!




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