Diaper Bag Review

Hello friends!

I hope you’ve been doing just great! Today I won’t take much of your time and it will be a short post. I just thought this was too good not to be shared among other mamas! By this time, you probably know I’m a mom of two amazing boys: a two year old, Sam, and a 4-week-old baby, Dan.

As the end of my pregnancy was approaching and I was getting more and more ready to welcome this baby boy into our lives, I kept asking myself and my husband how in the world we were gonna carry stuff for 2 sons and all my own lady stuff.

When I found out about this non-diaper-bag-looking awesome diaper bag by Tiger-Daisy I almost freaked out! It not only is beautiful, but it’s the most practical thing I’ve ever seen.




It has 2 separate bags that become one or that can be detached for when you’re out on your own. I thought this was completely genius, because I’ve seen hundreds of great-looking diaper bags that look like a stylish purse, but also I don’t wanna keep my baby’s stuff side by side with my dirty wallet, cellphone and car keys!! It doesn’t feel right to me!


So… What we’re doing is, I carry my stuff on one side of the bag, Daniel’s stuff on the other and Sam’s stuff on his own backpack! This way I can easily have only what I need with me. I can be out and about on my own and have my own beautiful purse or I can put them together to go out with Daniel and Sam can carry his own. Whoop whoop! Feel me, mamas?


To check out all the available colors and get your own Tiger Daisy diaper bag, go here! I hope you loved finding out about this beauty! Let me know in the comments what you think!







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