The Story Of My Second Childbirth

Oh boy… How things are easier said than done, right? If you’ve been following along with my story and posts, you probably know how badly I wanted to have a completely natural birth this time. I didn’t know how big the pain would be, but I was determined. With my first son, it had to be a c-section due to low fluid and the fact that he was breech. I had no choice, but to go this route.

This time, again, I did everything I could to try to have a natural birth. We were getting closer to our due date, August 3rd and I made sure to ask my OB what the recommendations were if we got there and nothing happened. She said that we couldn’t induce labor since I’d had a previous c-section and inducing it could cause the existing scar to rupture.

The answer was: to wait until week 41 and if nothing happened naturally we’d have to go for a c-section again!!! I so did NOT want that!!!

I prayed and prayed and prayed and had my friends pray with me so it could be natural, but above all that our Heavenly Father’s will would be done, even if that meant I wouldn’t get what I wanted. Although I really wanted that, the most important thing was always Daniel’s health and mine.

Anyways… As a precaution, we scheduled the c-section for August 10th, which was the most I could wait. I think I prayed so much for things to get started that God was like: “OK, my daughter! Let’s get you going with this labor!” HAHA. Sure enough, on the 9th at 2am I went to the bathroom to pee and as I was cleaning myself, I saw a pinkish mucus on the toilet paper.

I freaked out! Although I knew it wasn’t anything dangerous, it could be labor starting! And it really was, since I’d had stronger contractions all day long and at night too.

Unsure of what to do, I called the hospital and asked if I should go get checked and they always say they rather have me go 100 times and it be nothing than me not going when I should have.

I definitely agree! Better safe than sorry, right? So we went! On the way to the hospital, I felt a gush of fluid down my legs. Yay! It was finally the water breaking! We got there, waited for a couple minutes and a nurse pushed me on a wheel chair and took me to the triage location.

I got checked down there and I was 1cm dilated, which is like nothing! However, they kept me there anyways(I think they were cautious given the fact my first childbirth was a c-section). I didn’t care it was just 1cm!

My face was glowing with happiness! I’d rather have 1cm than have nothing! I was so excited to finally stay at the hospital and have labor progress just right before our waiting limit had expired! God is good! Isn’t He?


We were transferred to our labor suite and I couldn’t be happier! They had to keep vaginal check ups to a minimum since the water had broken and there was a risk of infection so I was only checked again at 10am I think and although the contractions were getting a lot stronger (and I mean, A LOT) and more frequent, I had only increased 1cm since they checked me at 2:45am, so it was progressing SUPER slow! My OB explained to me I should get prepared to make a decision if things didn’t change soon.

I had 3 options:

1. Keep waiting, but having in mind that  18h to 24h of labor was the maximum I should go because of the risk of infection due to the early rupture of the bag of waters.

2. Take the epidural followed by little pitocin to augment labor, as also considering the risk of having my scar in the uterus rupture.

3. Go for a c-section, again.

At that point I was tired of the contractions. They were hurting so bad I couldn’t help, but think about how much worse they would hurt once he was about to come out! I got a little sad for having to make such a huge decision under all that pressure and pain.

I didn’t think the waiting would lead me where we wanted to go so I discarded that option! I was too afraid of rupturing the scar if I went with the pitocin! The best option of the 3 in my mind, was to go with the c-section which I already knew and had gone through! I felt a huge peace inside with that decision! I talked to my husband, who’s always so supportive of me and he agreed!


At around 1pm they started getting me ready for it! I was soooooo afraid of that spinal anesthesia! Not because I feared it would go wrong or anything, but because I remembered it being the worst moment of the entire surgery when I had Samuel! It gave me goose bumps when that needle went in there! Whoo… Can’t even think about it!

I was shaking nervous not for the surgery, but for the anesthesia!!! I made the nurse promise she would hold my shoulders, almost like hugging me when it was time. But she was so worried about talking to the whole team about her weekend that she forgot about it and I was freaking out!

Luckily, another nurse came and helped me through it! They got it started and I, of course, cried my eyes out so scared, nervous and stressed. But soon, my amazing husband arrived and I calmed down.

Minutes later, I could hear the cry of our so loved little bundle of joy!


That’s when I cried even more! This time of pure happiness and relief! All we had longed and waited for was right there in front of us!


Handsome and healthy and that was all that mattered at that moment! I felt so thankful and grateful that I could experience a little of what labor was like and I was also thankful that no matter how he got here, he got here healthy and strong! Thank you, Jesus!




At that moment our journey as parents of two was just getting started! So far, it’s been amazing! Full of highs and lows, but amazing. Definitely more highs than lows and definitely easier than first time parents! Ha. Agree?

Hope you enjoyed reading this just as much as I enjoyed writing it and reliving it!



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