Getting started with Essential Oils!

Some of my friends use Essential Oils and they absolutely LOVE it! The more they use them, the more they love them. I always hear them talking about it and I was dying to get started with it, but I had no idea of how to do it! Ha. That’s when I heard of a monthly subscription box, called Simply Earth.



What they are doing is amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it. Their boxes come with the oils, recipes and supplies to make some goodies, which is absolutely great since I would have no idea of what to do with the oils if they came by themselves.


So here’s what you get in a box:

  1. The Oils:


2. Education on their therapeutic properties and different uses and aromas which is fantastic, because you get to learn little by little each month as the new box arrives:




3. Carefully picked new recipes with different purposes like this Holiday Home scent spray and Christmas Air Freshener:



4. You get all the supplies you need for each recipe so you don’t have to buy them separately and end up forgetting something and giving up on your initial idea.

This month’s box is Christmas themed so you get to make your home perfect for this lovely time of the year! How exciting is this? (I love Christmas) I can’t wait to get started mixing it all up and having my home ready for Christmas!

I’m not over.

There’s an incredible fact about their values. They’re not in this business just to help us get our home healthier, better and more  natural, but they’re in it to also help people who need the most. 13% of the profits goes to end human trafficking.


I’m glad to know that by doing something I’ve been meaning to get involved in, not only my family is benefiting from it, but we’re also helping the hopeless and contributing to end cruelty. It’s a small attitude that can change people’s lives forever.

To get to know Simply Earth better and find out how affordable it is, visit their page here! Use code FREITASFREEDIF to get a free diffuser when you subscribe! 

You can also find them on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest!

Do you use essential oils? What for? Did you like this new idea? Please share it with me in the comments! I’d love to know.




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