Daniel 4 Month Update + Shoes That Actually Stay On

On December 9th this little guy turned 4 months old! I don’t need to say that the time flies. We all know that. 

It’s been such an incredible journey. Totally different than it was with Samuel. It’s amazing how different two brothers can be. Each with their own personalities, different things they like and different actions and reactions! Both lovely!
He rolls to the sides reaching for toys, he gets distracted when there’s any noise at feeding times. 
He looks at me with so much love. He can’t say it yet, but I can feel it. 

He giggles when I change his clothes, when I talk to him in a silly voice and when any of us tickle him. 

He doesn’t like the pacifier at all. He spits it out really far. 

He falls asleep in my arms super fast. I’d say it takes 5 minutes to put him down when he’s tired!

He kicks his shoes until they fall from his feet! It’s hard so keep anything on, but I finally found the best choice: his Bird Rock Baby mocassins.

The elastic makes sure it doesn’t fall off his feet and the leather is so comfy that it doesn’t bother him at all so he doesn’t kick them! Plus, it looks so cute with any outfit I put on him!

We love the Panther color and the Espresso. They go with basically anything and they’re so easy to style.

Espresso color
Baby moccasins
Panther color

I’m glad I’m doing this update and I can get back here and read all of this, because I don’t ever want to forget any of the little things! 
They are what makes my happiness greater each day. My boys… my three boys are my everything!

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