Welcome! I’m Isabel.

I’m married to the love of my life and we have two handsome boys, Samuel and Daniel. Those three are my life and my favorite thing to do is spend quality time with them!

I’ve always loved to write. Write about everything: my feelings, my challenges, my experiences, especially when it involves motherhood, kids, fashion and beauty, faith and food. Here I’ll share with you the joys and challenges I find along this journey.

I know we all have our moments of happiness and contentment, but the hardships are also real. My faith in Jesus is what keeps me going in these moments and gives me strength to fight and overcome them. I just wanna be able to send some encouragement your way through the powerful word of God! We all need it!

I’m graduated in Culinary Arts, but I’m no professional in the kitchen! I believe the practice is what makes us good and I learn little by little everyday as I cook for my much loved boys (that includes husband, although sometimes he cooks more that I do). Well… the point is, I love food and I love to cook so I will keep experimenting a bunch of delicious stuff and sharing them with you as I discover what works!

Motherhood has made me a complete new person. It has made me a stronger woman as it comes bringing this huge “tsunami” of unknown feelings and experiences that we’re forced to learn how to deal with in a blink of an eye. In the other hand, it’s also made me be softer and appreciate the most simple things. It has introduced me to a LOVE I never thought was even available to be felt in this world. A love so huge and pure that fuels us to try to be our best, always! It doesn’t bring us anywhere near perfection, but it makes us try daily! It’s definitely made me LOVE coffee and appreciate every second of sleep. 🙂

Let’s live this amazing life being sure to share with each other the joy of the good moments and the challenges that come our way so we can be strengthen as we learn together!

I hope to have you here many times, not only reading, but sharing your thoughts and experiences as well!

Welcome, friend!