Beauty That Fits My Budget


As a teenager, my mom would give my sister and I a couple of bucks so we could go shopping and get us something we wanted. It’s funny how different we were and still are from each other. My sister would go to certain stores that she liked and that were really expensive. She would walk out of the store with that one single item that costed her all her money.

I, on the other hand, would go treasure hunting in a bunch of different stores or a store I knew that had the kind of stuff I liked and I would walk out with bags and bags full of good items that fit the same budget she had. We had so much fun and laughed together at how different our shopping experiences were, yet we both enjoyed it.

‘Till this day, we’re still the same way…

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About a year and a half ago, when I was living in Concord, California, a friend of mine introduced me to The Grocery Outlet as an awesome store to find discount groceries. I loved it and started buying most of our groceries there. By going there weekly, I started browsing around their aisles and ended up discovering they not only are an incredible grocery bargain store, but to go treasure hunting for health and beauty care products as well.

They have amazing deals on brand-name beauty products as well as some new finds!!! From daily moisturizers to makeup items.

In my treasure hunt, as I used to do with my sister, I was able to walk out of the Grocery Outlet with a huge bag full of Health and Beauty Care products, without going a dime over my $30 budget.


Xtra Care – Advanced Lubricating Moisturizing Lotion – $0.99

Can you believe that? Ha


Olay – Powered Contour Cleansing System/ Shine Minimizing Cleanser – A complete cleansing system for only $7.99

It works perfectly for a thorough cleansing of the face, removing all impurities around the T-zone, hair line and nose. I was amazed by how the little brush is able to reach the hardest tiny spots.


Neutrogena – Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer/SPF 30 – $7.99

It acts like a foundation. It’s not a clear or white moisturizer, but it’s like a BB cream, designed to match your skin tone.

Dead Sea Origins – Hydrating Night Cream – $3.99

Revlon – Liquid Eyeliner $3.99

It looks like a marker, making the application super easy and mess-free.

Rimmel London – Eyeshadow Palette – $2.49


La Fresh – Waterproof Makeup Remover Wipes – $3.99 

It contains 100 cloths. I’ve never seen any other brand that has such a huge packaging. This was such a positive quality, since I use this ALL THE TIME! Who doesn’t? I wear makeup almost every single day. Also, I love how they’re gentle to my face.


Method – Foaming Hand Wash – $2.49

I could NOT do an entire shopping trip without getting something for the boys. I could NOT! Haha. Sam is IN LOVE with Mickey Mouse and The Club House. As soon as I saw this, I showed it to him and he was so happy to see it.

When we got home, I said: “Sam, did you like your Mickey Mouse soap?”

He said: “Yes, mommy, but it’s not Mickey Mouse, it’s Minnie Mouse”!… And I thought he would never notice!

Silly me. He outsmarts me every single day.


Satin Care – Shaving Gel – $0.99

I was able to find some really interesting products, right? Most of them are for my everyday use and some of them I was able to add to my night skincare routine. I tried some of them out for the first time in the video, but I have been using them for a couple of days now and they are Ah-MA-ZING!

The Dead Sea Hydrating Nigh Cream is thick and consistent and you can feel how moisturizing it is to the face.

If you’ve never looked at the Grocery Outlet as a place to go shopping for your Health and Beauty products, maybe it’s time to give it a change and discover how cost effective and fun it can be.

Check out your local Grocery Outlet weekly Circular so you can find out what’s in store and download a A 20% DISCOUNT in their Health and Beauty Care products.

It will only be available until June 20th, so don’t miss out.

Now… How do you like to shop? Are you more like my sister, who goes that one place or are you like me, who enjoy to go treasure hunting and come back home feeling accomplished with a huge bag of products and savings? I’d love to hear that in the comments.



Daniel 4 Month Update + Shoes That Actually Stay On

On December 9th this little guy turned 4 months old! I don’t need to say that the time flies. We all know that. 

It’s been such an incredible journey. Totally different than it was with Samuel. It’s amazing how different two brothers can be. Each with their own personalities, different things they like and different actions and reactions! Both lovely!
He rolls to the sides reaching for toys, he gets distracted when there’s any noise at feeding times. 
He looks at me with so much love. He can’t say it yet, but I can feel it. 

He giggles when I change his clothes, when I talk to him in a silly voice and when any of us tickle him. 

He doesn’t like the pacifier at all. He spits it out really far. 

He falls asleep in my arms super fast. I’d say it takes 5 minutes to put him down when he’s tired!

He kicks his shoes until they fall from his feet! It’s hard so keep anything on, but I finally found the best choice: his Bird Rock Baby mocassins.

The elastic makes sure it doesn’t fall off his feet and the leather is so comfy that it doesn’t bother him at all so he doesn’t kick them! Plus, it looks so cute with any outfit I put on him!

We love the Panther color and the Espresso. They go with basically anything and they’re so easy to style.

Espresso color
Baby moccasins
Panther color

I’m glad I’m doing this update and I can get back here and read all of this, because I don’t ever want to forget any of the little things! 
They are what makes my happiness greater each day. My boys… my three boys are my everything!

Fall fun and style

This past weekend our family went to a pumpkin patch for the first time in our lives! No, seriously, first time! We don’t have this tradition in Brazil, where my husband and I are from and, ever since we moved here, there was no reason to go until Sam came! We were so excited to take him there. He had a blast. Jumped on muddy puddles, lifted some heavy pumpkins, ate pumpkin spice popcorn and even took a bite of an extremely dirty apple (TWICE!!!) while we were a little distracted by the beauty of that place!

I had just as much fun as he did, not only from watching his joy in experiencing so many different things, but also because I was experiencing all of that for the first time too. I thought about my outfit in the night before as well as the boys’. But guess what? As soon as we got there we saw the other kids in their rain boots, really warm jackets and the babies were all in snow jumpsuits. We were all SO not prepared for that much mud and the boys were not dressed properly for the temperature. Oh my… First times are always unforgettable. Aren’t they? We realized there was no way we would get off the car like that so we had to run back home and change our shoes and pickup some warmer jackets!

I took my fancy boots off and put on some stylish heavy duty old ones. Everything else I kept the same as I had chosen my favorite pieces for that day. My Forever21 ivory sweater, Cello ruby red pair of jeans, plaid scarf, my husband’s grey beanie (Yes! I love sneaking into his side of the closet sometimes. You’d be surprised with how many things you can steal from them!), Arezzo caramel crossbody bag and my favorite ever,  JORD wooden watch. It’s a very unique watch! I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it!

Here are some photos of my outfit with my carefully picked favorite fall pieces and our amazing time at the pumpkin patch.

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Let me know in the comments what fall traditions your family has! What have you done this fall that was so much fun and you know it will be a forever memory?

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*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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