How To Be A Guilt-free Mom During Mealtime

I was never the healthiest person on Earth, but I’m also not the kind of person who will eat fried food and burgers everyday.

I love eating and I don’t like to restrict myself from certain types of food. I think if we find a balance, we can be healthy without totally banishing some much desired foods from our lives.

Also, I believe nowadays food/beverage brands are becoming more and more aware of the need we have for healthier foods and drinks.

For example, Sam is IN LO-VE with juices, but they are so high in sugar and don’t provide as much nutrients as fruits. That’s why I only started giving them to him once in a while, when he turned 1 year old. Even now that he’s almost 3 years old, I wouldn’t let him have juice every time he asked.

Recently, though I found out about SaladPower, a juice that is low in sugar, full of vitamins and easy to bring on-the-go. I was soooooo excited to see that there is the possibility of making my son happy without compromising on health. Not only that, but I too can have a much wanted drink without feeling guilty about it.

We went for a picnic at the park and I brought the juice along with instead of a water bottle or a juice that was high on sugar. We could enjoy it and have fun all while being guit-free!

I also love to drink it at lunch time. I’m one of those people who have to have a drink with their meal and SaladPower is perfect for that.


Photo May 13, 4 32 26 AM EDT


Photo May 13, 4 32 48 AM EDT


Photo May 13, 4 24 39 AM EDT


Photo May 13, 4 33 18 AM EDT


Photo May 13, 4 26 02 AM EDT


Photo May 13, 5 19 52 AM (1) EDT


Photo May 24, 12 28 02 AM EDT


Photo May 24, 12 27 36 AM EDT

I loved SaladPower so much that I asked them to provide us with a discount code and they not only did that, but they shared a 50% OFF discount code: “ISABEL“. It’s only good for the first 10 people who use it, so c’mon over to SaladPower to get this amazing offer on their 12 or 4 packs.

This post is sponsored by Salad Power, but all opinions shared here are 100% my own.

I’d love to hear what you do to be guit-free during meal time!




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Baby Mealtime Made Easier

Daniel is turning 9 months old today and I couldn’t be happier with his development and all the milestones this little guy has been achieving. He’s been loving to stand up since he was 7 months old (at first, held by us and now all by himself). It’s so amazing to watch those little humans grow up and learn all sorts of new things.

I remember when I started feeding him solids… He made the weirdest face and would NOT open his mouth anymore at all. I would think: “How on earth am I going to feed this baby solids if he doesn’t cooperate with me and at least open his mouth?”.

I knew from experience feeding him solids would take time, but didn’t think it would take SO long. It was not until we came back from our 25 day vacation to Brazil, that he started eating more and more kinds of veggies each day (with no need to add bananas, something I had been doing in order for him to at least have a few spoons of his veggies).

Now, 3 months later from his very first spoon, he absolutely loves food even more so than he loves his bottle! Can you believe that? He eats all kinds of veggies, fruits and meats and he already got started feeding himself. The downside of self-feeding though, we all know, is the huge mess left on the table, floor and their clothes for us to clean up.

I’m so glad I got to try out the new and improved Gerber® pouches, the Gerber® Smart Flow™. They have a molded spout with customizable flow control like no other, that helps get more food in baby’s tummy than everywhere to be cleaned up later! Whoop whoop!

I was so excited to hear about this and even more to try it out and see how little of a mess was left behind after mealtime. We chose the Apple, Mango & Strawberry flavor and it was a total success!

Look how Gerber® has managed to turn a mealtime #PouchFail into a #PouchWin:


Grab yourself a COUPON so you too can start having a stress free and mess free mealtime with baby/toddler. The Gerber® Smart Flow™ can be purchased at your local Krogers or Ahold. I hope you love discovering this as much as we did!





Daniel 4 Month Update + Shoes That Actually Stay On

On December 9th this little guy turned 4 months old! I don’t need to say that the time flies. We all know that. 

It’s been such an incredible journey. Totally different than it was with Samuel. It’s amazing how different two brothers can be. Each with their own personalities, different things they like and different actions and reactions! Both lovely!
He rolls to the sides reaching for toys, he gets distracted when there’s any noise at feeding times. 
He looks at me with so much love. He can’t say it yet, but I can feel it. 

He giggles when I change his clothes, when I talk to him in a silly voice and when any of us tickle him. 

He doesn’t like the pacifier at all. He spits it out really far. 

He falls asleep in my arms super fast. I’d say it takes 5 minutes to put him down when he’s tired!

He kicks his shoes until they fall from his feet! It’s hard so keep anything on, but I finally found the best choice: his Bird Rock Baby mocassins.

The elastic makes sure it doesn’t fall off his feet and the leather is so comfy that it doesn’t bother him at all so he doesn’t kick them! Plus, it looks so cute with any outfit I put on him!

We love the Panther color and the Espresso. They go with basically anything and they’re so easy to style.

Espresso color
Baby moccasins
Panther color

I’m glad I’m doing this update and I can get back here and read all of this, because I don’t ever want to forget any of the little things! 
They are what makes my happiness greater each day. My boys… my three boys are my everything!

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be taken for granted + thank you for all the support

This week I had the honor of writing a post to a friend’s blog as a guest. She told me I could write about anything related to motherhood, so I decided to share my experience with breastfeeding. 
I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first son, but I’m breastfeeding my second. I shared the many things I did differently this time around that I think contributed to my success. Yes, that’s how I see it, a success!
Yesterday, though, I learned something else. I learned that breastfeeding is a journey! 
Everything that happened in the beginning sure helped us get where we are, but everything that happens daily, all of my choices, attitude and emotions, keep us going. 

I learned that I cannot take if for granted and that it requires a daily effort to continue being a success!
Yesterday was a tough day and my milk supply seamed very low. Daniel was hungry every 1 and 1/2 hour and my breasts felt completely empty. I freaked out! I’m not ready to stop breastfeeding him at all! Sure having reached this far is already a victory to me, who couldn’t breastfeed Samuel, but I’d like to keep going!
Yesterday showed me that I need to keep working on it daily. Drinking lots of liquids, resting, having long feeding sessions… and I might have to add some supplements to make sure it never drops again! I will share which ones I’m using as soon as I make a decision and have them in hand! 
I shared on my IG what had happened and I was surprised at how many people took their time to share one or two ways I could try to increase my milk supply! If not that, just to comfort me. 

I felt very loved and special. I felt like we truly have an amazing community of mothers who support each other and want to see each other’s well being! I would like to thank each and everyone of you for so much LOVE! May God bless each one of you and your families!